Blockpass Adds Driving License Verification

October 2020
Despite the fact that Blockpass updated our Mobile App, Admin Console and Web ID services just a couple of weeks ago, we already have another significant update to share with you. As of the 8th of October, Blockpass is now supporting driving license verification for user identity profiles!

Our Web ID, Mobile App, KYC Dashboard and Admin console all now have driving license support added, with the Mobile app also having a brand new redesign to improve the user experience whilst keeping the identity verification process as transparent as possible. UI improvements include the color of the footer, shadows, and the animation in the header when scrolling. Besides this, there are a number of smaller improvements which simplify address inputting, performance and put some minor fixes into effect. 
Users can now add a driving license to their identity profile and receive a certificate of its verification if the relevant checks are passed; merchants now have the ability to set a driving license as a KYC requirement
Although this option will be rolled out to all countries eventually, this initial implementation is focusing on some specific countries, notably ones without a national identification option. Currently, driving licenses from the following countries are supported. 
- Andorra
- Australia
- Bahamas
- Canada
- Denmark
- Japan
- New Zealand
- Norway
- United Kingdom
Check back or keep an eye out for our updates and newsletters in the future for details on when support for additional countries’ driving licenses will be added and feel free to get in touch with us if there are specific countries which you’d like to see added first!
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