SEC Expands War on Crypto to Auditors

June 2022

The SEC seems to have had a bone to pick with crypto for a while now, and recent news suggests that it intends to continue its attack on coins and exchanges, and now other entities surrounding the industry.

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New on Enjinstarter: Top IDOs for June

In the mood for something good? Check out these top-rated upcoming IDOs that you don’t want to miss on the Enjinstarter launchpad. See below.

  1. FitEvo

FitEvo aims to engage the masses by combining NFT dragon breeding (evolving alongside a dragon companion) with social features that gamify physical activity and human competitiveness while also bringing friends and communities closer together.

FitEvo is an engaging and fun dragon breeding game that draws inspiration from classics such as Tamagotchi and Pokemon and takes it to the next level by synchronizing the user's movements with the development of their very own dragon. The dragon co-evolves with the user in FitEvo, forming a bond between them. The hatching of eggs, breeding, and evolution of dragons will be inextricably linked to their masters' physical movements.

FitEvo will be like a new and improved M2E STEP 2.0 for those familiar with the M2E STEP game, incorporating all of the critical engagement mechanisms that have made traditional social fitness apps so popular.

  1. Zone9

Zone Nine Survival is an 3D MMO-based, blockchain-integrated survival game placed in the Post-Apocalypse world. Facing vicious threats in every decision, players can truly immerse in the first ever warfare experience and massive battle scale not just to survive but to obtain superiority among ‘survivors’.

More than a game, we aim to create an unique Metaverse with complete ownership, freedom and voting rights as well as an ecosystem following a sustainable macroeconomic model, for users to have long-term and incremental cash flow, diverse income sources based on their contribution.

  1. Legends of Aria

Legends of Aria (LoA), an already fully-built MMORPG, is about to enter P2E industry and jump on-chain! LoA is an exquisite World of Warcraft/Ultima Online-like experience with a delicate in-game world.

The game empowers players to engage in a truly monetised economy with the potential to offer the opportunity for substantial gains and losses through organic and immersive gameplay events.

Furthermore, Legends of Aria will be released in two versions. Players will be able to create NFT characters, sell tokens, and convert in-game gold into cryptocurrency in the first play-to-earn version. Its free version will be a standard MMORPG without the ability to perform operations with NFT items.

  1. Metavision

Metavision is developing a virtual environment like no other. Live in a Sims City-like metaverse where AI-driven activities and interactions with the user are based on his cumulative actions in the virtual world. Partake in life experiences, host businesses, conferences, events and a wide-range of activities. The metaverse will seamlessly incorporate businesses and entertainment events that bridge real and virtual world.

Buy and sell virtual clones of physical products in social environments like Malls/Shopping Centers. Purchase a storefront and offer NFTs or take part in the varying gaming activities/quests to earn a living.

  1. Hello One

HELLO is a one-stop shop for games, TV shows, live events, and NFTs under one brand. Join for a future where entertainment pays you by allowing holders to join the HELLO Club, invest in an incredible Web3 ecosystem, and participate in real-world events, all while using the native HELLO token.

The team has identified a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to break new ground in the crypto and NFT space. The HELLO Club, an exclusive community with access to a new level of benefits and opportunities across all of our verticals and IPs, will be available to its holders.

HELLO Club members will also be given varying degrees of access to live events, NFT drops, TV shows, and some extra special features that have yet to be announced, based on their token holdings.

  1. Bitflix

Bitflix helps filmmakers produce their movies and earn residual profits from NFTs. The audience can earn a producer credit, access exclusive red carpet events and help create movies they want to see by purchasing Movie NFTs.

Bitflix 2.0 will announce Hollywood Movie IPs for Metaverse gaming and wiith integration of celebrity Avatar NFTs.

Bitflix has opened its doors to future possibilities in Metaverse tech by entering into the Metaverse space with a MetaGunz Movie NFTs debut, featuring Avatar NFTs and upcoming “MetaShips” NFTs.

  1. Squadland

First web3 move to earn application that will make you earn tokens and restore our planet at the same time through activities like walking, running, and cycling.

In the game, players own and maintain NFT lands where they can perform physical activities. These NFT lands match with real lands that have been overused because of past human activities and that players are going to restore thanks to their healthy actions in real life.

In order to track players’ physical activity, Squadland relies on the tracking and motivational technologies provided by Squadeasy — an awarded B2B application, used in 98 countries and translated into 12 languages, which encourages co-workers’ physical activity for both increasing their well-being and decreasing their companies’ carbon footprint.

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