Enjinstarter: The Biggest and Freshest IDOs for August

June 2024

Read about the August IDOs featured by Blockpass partner Enjinstarter.

Enjinstarter: The Biggest and Freshest IDOs for August

Did you miss the monthly IDO project updates from Enjinstarter? We’ve done the research and reviewed the best IDO crypto projects in order to make the selection easier.

Let’s look at what each project brings to the table — let’s dive right in!
The Crypcade entertainment ecosystem offers users the best gaming and entertainment in a metaverse setting. The CrypCade Ecosystem offers both its own original games and third-party games and entertainment DAPPS.

In addition to being the "Uber and Airbnb of Arcade," Crypcade is a gaming and entertainment ecosystem with a sustainable economy. CrypCade is an innovative redesign of classic arcade systems that caters to both high-risk players and skilled gamers on a single platform, combining skill-based gaming and luck-based gambling.

Galaxy Metaverse
The 10,000 solar systems that make up Galaxy Metaverse are all unique digital collectibles that are stored on the Ethereum blockchain. As you know, each of the 344 elements that make up our solar system are unique and were combined at random.

Few NFTs, for instance, possess uncommon characteristics like comets and planets made of gold and platinum.

There are countless trillions of solar systems in uncharted waste space. Every single thing you can think of exists in the real world.

That implies that you can purchase a model of the solar system that will resemble one that we might discover in the future!

When astronomers find it, you will be able to claim it as your own because it's written in NFT!

Legends of Aria
Discover a world created by players, where the plot is shaped by your decisions. Choose your path and play Legends of Aria according to your preferences, whether you want to be a seasoned Mage, an aspirational Warrior, an intrepid Treasure Hunter, or an expert Blacksmith.

Legends of Aria, formerly known as Shards Online, is a sandbox massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed by Citadel Studios. It features a dynamic world that players can interact with and influence. Players create their own stories in this dangerous world, forging and severing bonds.

The game has both official and community-run servers, and is free to play. On the official website and on Steam, backers can access it right now in early access. Only Windows is supported at the moment, but the Mac and Linux support are already in the works.

Do you enjoy all things marketing?

Chirpley is the world's first fully automated peer-to-peer all-in-one influencer marketplace that’s focused especially on nano and micro-influencers. Due to the potential for a 1-click marketing bomb, Chirpley gives marketers the freedom to respond quickly and successfully.

Chirpley uses blockchain and artificial intelligence to enable end-to-end automated influencing campaigns. By facilitating absolutely ideal matches with sponsors and brands, the app eliminates all barriers between small influencers and the marketing community.

By taking steps while holding Menzy's distinctive NFTs, people can use the step mechanism to earn money passively. Each Menzy NFT has a distinctive feature and is functional in terms of the Move2Earn system, which enables all Menzy holders to compete against one another in a variety of sports and video games.

Running, squats, skipping, boxing, and many other exercises are among them.

Not only that, but Menzians also allow physical athletes to access peer-to-peer virtual training, consultation, and connections with various Crossfit qualified trainers from around the world for an untamed training experience while also competing with their fellow competitors in real-world sports.
Moverse is an all-in-one fitness Dapp where users are positioned as the center of this SocialFi, which strengthens your muscles and mindset with individualized guidance powered by AI technology to make your fitness habits stick.

Their objective is to make our users healthier. Moverse will introduce a new form of exercise motivation in the digital age by fusing good blockchain and AI technology.
Built on Unreal Engine 5, Metarun's high-quality graphics and gripping plot combine the best elements of the classic gaming experience with cutting-edge cryptography.

Run-to-Earn is supported by the game's mechanics, which also involve overcoming obstacles and collecting coins.

The internal economics of the game allow players to play and earn, buy in-game items and character skins as NFTs via the native cross-chain marketplace. The game runs on $MRUN and uses the virtual currency OPAL.
To the moon!
With the sheer amount of utility and features these IDOs have, it’s certainly something you should watch out for this month.

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