TOZEX Releasing Pre-Registration for Investment Platform

May 2020
Blockpass’ latest partner, TOZEX, will be releasing the pre-registration period for its crypto asset investment platform on Monday the 25th May 2020. TOZEX aims to facilitate the tokenization of the economy whilst ensuring compliance with regulations and transparency.

The fundraising platform uses blockchain technology to allow small and medium sized enterprises to raise capital. Partnership with Blockpass will simplify investor identification and the KYC processes whilst ensuring that the company’s focus on compliance remains at the forefront, with 5th AML Directive and GDPR both satisfied.

On the following day, Blockpass CEO, Adam Vaziri, and Tozex’s CEO, Remy Ozcan, will have a virtual fireside chat to talk about the launch, the partnership and compliance with Blockpass COO, Hans Lombardo, moderating. 

This event marks another step towards a world where the process of KYC and AML is carried out effortlessly and conveniently so we can maintain safety and security whilst enjoying the benefits of worldwide trade and interactions.

For registration, visit